Vintage Buyer Weston Super Mare

Retro Items and Memorabilia Buyer in Weston Super Mare and Somerset 

Retrospec, here in Weston-super- Mare, are professional retro items and memorabilia buyers and sellers. We offer a comprehensive range of retro memorabilia buying and selling services in the local area. Our knowledgeable staff have been in the industry for multiple years and as a result, know where to find the hidden gems.

What Vintage Items will we Buy? 

We do not have a specific set list of vintage items that we go out looking to buy, as the list would be too extensive. As experienced dealers, we have a good eye for unique, characterful pieces. The majority of the vintage items that we buy are the more common items such as furniture and lighting. However, on occasion, we are lucky enough to discover some amazing hidden gems.

Retro items that we may be interested in buying include lighting and lamps, tables and chairs, cabinets and dressers, clocks and timepieces, silver collectables, dining ware, china, paintings, jewellery and fairground memorabilia.

retro items bought and sold
retro memorabilia buyer weston super mare

Why choose Retrospec? 

We can guarantee to customers, due to our passion and experience in the industry, that they will receive reliable, quality services with us. We always put the customer first, whether buying from them or selling to them, they are always our main priority.

Every vintage item that we buy and sell will be unique. We always aim to buy unique items that have character and personality. We buy these items in the hope that future owners will appreciate them as much as we do and pass them down for generations to come.

Contact Retrospec Today 

So, if you require more information on our retro buying services, do not hesitate to contact us on 07989 404160. Additionally, a member of our expert team will be happy to offer their expert advice on any queries you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon!