Sand Blasting

Specialist Sand Blasting Services in Weston Super Mare and Somerset

At Retrospec, here in Weston super Mare, we offer a comprehensive Sand Blasting service. Our experts have years of experience in the industry and can, therefore, guarantee quality, reliable services.

Restoration of an antique item is a service that we proudly offer in conjunction with Sand Blasting. By providing sandblasting as part of our restoration process, we are able to make it much easier for our expert restorers to replace the surface of an item.

What is Sand Blasting? 

Sand Blasting is the process used to clean or roughen a surface or coating, using a jet of sand that is driven by either compressed steam or air. The blasting process is often used to take paint off the surface of an object. For example, the rusty paint off a metal cupboard. Furthermore, compressed blasting is often used within the antique trade, in order to restore old salvaged items.

Sandblasting is an inexpensive way of easily restoring an item. By roughening or cleaning the outer surface, restorers are able to repaint or cover the area more easily.

sand blasting
sand blasted metal

Which items can go through the Sand Blasting process? 

Although compressed blasting is a very efficient method of roughening or cleaning the surface of an object, it is not advised on everything. Fragile objects such as; vases require a gentler process in order to clean the surface, as sandblasting could cause damage to the item.

The following list gives a few examples of materials that can go through the sandblasting process: Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Steel, Iron.

Before and after sandblasting of a lamp by the team at Retrospec

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